LR from Groton, Massachusetts:

Thank you for all the help you gave in keeping my children in my custody. It would have been devastating to them had they been forced to move out of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

LR from Shrewsbury, Massachusetts:

Your expert advice on division of property and alimony saved a lot of time, money and litigation.

CB from Fitchburg, Massachusetts:

Thank you for mediating the divorce between myself and my husband of over three decades. It reduced the stress and turmoil on us, our children and our future grandchildren. We still are able to have a relationship with one another, thanks to the mediation process and you as the mediator.


Thank you for representing me in my Contempt matter. You were able to find the assets that my ex-husband was hiding, show them to the court and get a court order paying me those monies.

JN from West Boylston, Massachusetts:

You were able to reopen an old divorce case by showing a significant change in circumstances, and saving me over $25,000 a year. Thank you again.<hr>



You not only were convincing as my attorney in the legal malpractice case, but you were able to reimburse me all of my legal fees that I paid to that attorney. Plus you were able to reopen the case and get an additional $100,000 from my ex-husband.

TT from Worcester, Massachusetts:

You guided me through the process of legal malpractice, and was able to compensate me for the money I paid to my former lawyer, and to recover money that I lost in the matter in which he negligently represented me.<hr>



Thank you for getting a not-guilty on my charge of a third driving under offense.


I was facing several years in jail for sexual assault and battery on a minor child, and your handling of the matter saved me from that fate.


Thank you for the not-guilty on indecent assault and battery. It was a very difficult case and a very difficult time for me. Thank you again.


I was charged with multiple counts of larceny over $250, and you were able to work through all of the financial paperwork and show that the charges would not prevail at trial. You got a dismissal for me and I am very thankful.